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Same Day Junk Car Removal

Save Big With Our Free Same Day Junk Car Removal

If you’re looking for instant cash with same day junk car removal service, then you’ve come to the right place.

The whole point of getting rid of your junk car is to get cash on the spot while having your junk car removed from your curb, backyard, or even garage on the same day. There are many reasons why you may be pressed to have your junk car removed on the same day, and with Cash4JunkCars it’s possible!

So, why would you need a “same day junk car removal” service?

Same Day Junk Car Removal: – Why Should You Remove Your Junk Car Immediately!

Same Day Junk Car Removal

Environmental Degradation

The more your vehicle sits in your garage or the vicinity of your home, the bigger of a health hazard it becomes. Old clunkers may seem rusted and abandoned, but there are still hazardous chemicals and fluids inside the vehicle.

Combining with all the rust and going through chemical reactions, these fluids can easily leak on the ground or be released as vapors in the air. If you have kids at home or own a pet, then you know how dangerous inhaling hazardous fumes can be for young children and pets.

It can be even more dangerous to let your family members roam around the old junk car. Children love to play and have a curious mind. Letting them run around or explore the area where your junk car lies is a risk that a parent should not take.

So what do you do? Many junk car businesses will not offer same day junk car removal services for free.

But we do!

Cash4JunkCars is a reliable and trustworthy junk car business with more than 2 decades of experience buying junk cars. We understand how important a free tow is, and we’ll do that for you on the same day!

Make Some Money

Make Some Money

Looking to buy a new car? Or perhaps, renovate the kitchen with some fine marble counters? Expenses like these can become sudden stress because we don’t usually consider such expenses until necessary.

But if you have an old car lying around in your backyard or garage, why not sell it to us and make good money.

Use the money towards a new car, renovate your home, take your family out, or even put it aside for a rainy day. Put your old clunker of a vehicle to good use today.

Cash4JunkCars will buy any vehicle from you regardless of the condition it is in, the model, or even the make. We don’t care what car you have in your garage, but we’re ready to pay you a fair price for it!

Get Top Dollar

No more beating around the bush or throwing lowball offers. With Cash4JunkCars, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top dollar for your junker!

Many junk car buyers are in the business of scrapping metal, and you’ll only get paid according to how much metal can be scrapped from your vehicle. However, we not only pay according to the metal but also second-hand car parts. Our business model allows us to pay top dollar to junk car sellers around the state looking for a great deal.

One more thing: if you find a better deal elsewhere, come to us and we’ll meet that price!

Free Up Space

A useless old vehicle lying in your garage is only taking up precious real estate that you could put to good use.

Think about it. You can have your children’s playhouse in that space, or perhaps add a workbench to be DIY-ready whenever needed. Space is a commodity that costs money, and especially with the rising real estate prices, it’s important to utilize every single corner of your home.

With our same day junk car removal service, you can start a gym or use the space towards something fruitful today!

No More Waiting!

Perhaps you have already thought about selling your junk car, and the first thing that comes to your mind is creating an ad on Facebook or Craigslist. Well, that’s one way of going about it.

Although you may think that you’ll get a better deal on such platforms, the hassle of dealing with strangers coming to look at the car can be too much. Most of the time, you’re not sure who you’re going to end up interacting with.

Cut all the hassle and call us now at 651-217-8000 for same day junk car removal. No need to put up ads or wait for potential buyers to call you throughout the day. Simply call us, get a quote, schedule a visit for a free pickup, and get paid today in cash!

Why Us – Why Cash4JunkCars?

Why Us - Why Cash4JunkCars

With so many junk car buyers out there on the market, it’s only fair to consider several options before choosing the best deal since you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle.

Dealing with us is simple and hassle-free. Our customer testimonials are all fantastic, and our reputation in the metro area is undeniable. Cash4JunkCars has purchased more than 10,000 junk cars over the years, and we’re just getting started. We are the leading junk car buyers, and you’ll get top dollar for your vehicle.

Not only do we offer same day junk car removal, but we also provide a free tow. Many junk car buyers do not offer free tow services as it eats into their profit. They may offer you a good price, but when you take into consideration towing costs, you’re better off elsewhere. With our price match guarantee and free same day junk car removal service, it eliminates the need to approach other junk car buyers.

Have a junk car waiting to be moved? Looking for some extra cash to treat yourself? Wait no more and ring us now.

Call us at 651-217-8000 to speak with a junk car expert and schedule a same day junk car removal to get paid today! You can even drop us an email at Cash4JunkCarsMinnesota@gmail.com and one of our junk car experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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