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Free Vehicle Removal

Increase Your Cash With Free Vehicle Removal

Selling your vehicle might be the toughest decision you make. Letting go of the sweet memories is not easy. However, your junk car can cost you more than you may know. Whether you want to repair your vehicle and restore it to a working condition or let it continue to park, you’re losing money while you wait.

Cash4JunkCarsMN offers a free vehicle removal service to anyone looking to sell their junk cars. Without any terms or conditions, we are willing to give you cash and tow your vehicle off your property without any charges. But does a free tow matter when selling your junk car?

Let’s look at how you can benefit from our free vehicle removal service.

Take Advantage Of Our Free Vehicle Removal

Take Advantage of Our Free Vehicle Removal

Avoid Expensive Repairs

The older your vehicle gets, the more wear and tear it undergoes. The process of wear and tear can have a significant impact on vehicle components and parts. Rust starts to erode the bodywork, and mechanical failure can further lead to complications.

Let’s face it, many of us don’t even know what’s wrong with our vehicles until the engine stops turning. Delaying minor repairs as they happen can lead to serious mechanical damage to other components. This can cause the parts to go beyond repair and will require replacement, which may cost more than the current value of your old car.

For example, your vehicle may cost around $3,000 but replacing the blown-out transmission can set you back $5,000. It’s simply not worth repairing your vehicle. If your vehicle fails the O2 emissions test, you’re not legally allowed to drive in the state unless you make expensive repairs.

Have it towed away for free and get instant cash!

Avoid Fines!

Yes, you heard us. Fines are a huge concern depending on where you have parked your old vehicle. You may not find anything illegal about parking your dusty vehicle out on the curb, but your state law might disagree.

It can be very stressful to wake up in the morning to a letter of warning and a fine just because of a vehicle you don’t even use. Heck, it might not even be working. Is that worth all the hassle?

Call us now at 651-217-8000 to avoid clashing with state laws and get our free vehicle removal service today!

A Parked Junk Car Is A Health Hazard

If you think you didn’t need any more reasons to avail yourself of a free tow, here is one more!

A parked junk car is a health hazard. It may seem okay to leave your old car in the garage for years since it’s not bothering anyone, but that’s not the case.

An old car starts to rust pretty quickly, and depending on how long you leave it in the garage, it starts to spread vapors that are hazardous to young children and pets.

Parked old cars may have chemicals in them that can leak to the ground. You don’t want your children or pets to roam around the garage and risk getting sick. There is no way around a rusting vehicle unless you’re willing to take the time out to oil and regularly maintain your old car.

Avoid putting your health at risk by contacting us at 651-217-8000 for free vehicle removal.

Make Space

Real estate is getting more expensive day by day, and utilizing every nook and cranny of your home is the best way to pursue your hobbies, place decorations, and more for free. Having a junk car lying around in the garage is taking valuable space that you can put towards other things.

Whether you have children requiring a play area in the backyard to play in or you’re looking to add a workstation in the garage, whatever the reason may be, getting rid of your old car can give you ample space to pursue your home goals. Call us now to get your old vehicle removed at no cost!

Why Avail A Free Vehicle Removal Service?

Why avail a free vehicle removal service

Granted, there are other benefits junk car buyers provide to entice individuals into selling their junk cars to them, but free vehicle removal service remains the most important factor when selling your old vehicle.

The idea of receiving more cash on the spot for your junk car can sound appealing, to say the least. Everybody wants to have a bit more extra cash. But if the junk car buyer is not offering a free tow service, is it worth selling your junk car to them?

A tow can cost you a lot of money. Junk car buyers that don’t offer a free tow will charge you a base rate of between $40 and $100 plus a mileage fee per mile. So if you’re far away from the junk car buyer, you’re going to have to pay a lot of towing fees.

With that in mind, is it worth selling your car for top dollar to a junk car buyer who doesn’t even offer free towing services?!

junk car buyer

To make things even more interesting, Cash4JunkCarsMN offers a price match guarantee, including a free vehicle removal service. If you find a better price for your junk car elsewhere, come to us as we guarantee to match that price and provide a free tow. That’s a lot of savings and cash you can put towards buying a new car or paying your upcoming expenses.

It may sound unbelievable, but we’ve had more than 2 decades of experience buying tens of thousands of junk cars from over 13,000 satisfied clients. Our statistics are phenomenal and our quality of service is unbeatable.

Selling your junk car has never been so easy.

  1. Pick up the phone and call us at 651-217-8000 to get an instant quote.
  2. Schedule a pickup visit according to your convenience.
  3. Get instant cash on the spot without worrying about towing costs!

You can even send us your complete address via our email at Cash4JunkCarsMinnesota@gmail.com and we’ll arrange a pickup for you.

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