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price for scrap cars

How To Determine The Price For Scrap Cars?

Do you want to sell your junk car but don’t know how to calculate the price for scrap cars? Are you wondering about the factors that affect the price of scrap cars?

If your car has reached the point where it is beyond repair or in the condition that repair costs are way too expensive, it’s better to scrap it. So you guessed it right, today’s article is about determining the price of scrap cars. We will be guiding you about the average price for scrap cars, on which factors the price for scrap cars depend, and much more.

So the highlights of this article will be the following:

  • How much are scrap cars worth?
  • What is a car salvage value calculator?
  • What are the current automobile scrap metal prices?
  • How do junk car buyers estimate engine scrap value?

What You Need To Know About The Price For Scrap Cars

Here we will go over essential information to help you learn more about scrap cars and their pricing.

How Much Are Scrap Cars Worth?

Instant Cash

Many people wonder, “how much are scrap cars worth?” and the price for scrap cars before selling their vehicles, which is very important to consider.

The weight of a vehicle is frequently used to calculate scrap car pricing. The typical price for a mid-size automobile is between $150 and $300. On the other hand, you can scrap smaller automobiles for as little as $100.

Selling your old vehicle for parts is your best option to receive the most cash. Some vehicle components might be worth hundreds of dollars on their own!

Factors Affecting Price For Scrap Cars

The following are some of the factors affecting the price of scrap cars.

Metal Scrap Quality

The quality of scrap metal you carry will impact the amount of money you earn. Corroded metals, residue-covered metals, or mixed metals will likely fetch a lower price since the scrap yard will have to spend additional time cleansing your metal before it is processed and repurposed.

Scrap Metal Quantity

Selling more scrap metal at once will result in a better value from the scrap yard. This is because these scrap yards frequently sell the metal to a company or processor that recycles the metal.

Save your metal and bring it in at once to spare the scrap yard several transactions and shipping charges while increasing your income!

Demand And Supply

Supply and demand govern every aspect of the American economy, including scrap metal prices. If there is an excellent supply of metal but a low demand, the value of scrap metal will be lower.

Nevertheless, if the supply of metals is limited and demand is high, prices will be high too. Taking advantage of these swings is the best approach to maximizing your earnings.


Your exact location might significantly influence the price you receive for the scrap metal. Scrap metal is typically not handled at the scrap yard where it is purchased and must thus be moved elsewhere. If that “elsewhere” is a significant distance, the scrap yard might offer you lesser money for the metal to compensate for the extra shipping expenses.

What Is The Most Valuable Scrap On A Car?

catalytic converters

The most valuable scrap on a car is the catalytic converters. You must not have heard much about them. But it is what it is; catalytic converters include rare precious metals, which occur naturally in metallic chemical elements with considerable economic worth. Rhodium, platinum, and palladium are examples of precious metals contained in catalytic converters.

What Is A Car Salvage Value Calculator?

A car salvage value calculator is an online calculator where you input some data, and it tells you how much your scrap car is worth. There are many car salvage value calculators accessible online. But if you are unsure whether to use them, follow this technique to calculate the exact depreciation of your car.

How Is Car Scrap Value Calculated?

Insurance companies use the following formula for calculating the price of scrap cars:

Scrap value = Cost of an asset – (Useful life in years * Depreciation)

Current Automobile Scrap Metal Prices

The Automobile scrap metal prices depend on the part of vehicles as well as their metal composition.

The following are some of the approximate featured international scrap metal prices in tons as of 8th February 2023:

  1. Aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR): $1445/ton
  2. Auto wheels: $2165/ton
  3. Bare Bright: $9035/ton
  4. Aluminum radiator: $1695/ton
  5. Shredded Aluminum: $1840/ton
  6. Sabot (304): $1600/ton

How Do Junk Car Buyers Estimate Engine Scrap Value?

person using a calculator

Junk car buyers estimate engine scrap value using the following methods.

The first approach is to “weigh in” the block. This is the procedure of weighing the engine as well as providing a price based on the current price per kilogram. It’s similar to selling gold to bullion traders, minus the monetary value. Most metals may be dissolved and recycled into new products, including washing machines or steel buckets.

The second choice is a wild guess, where the buyer estimates the value of parts according to secondary market rates. A “Turbo Charger” is one example. Components that can be readily unbolted, cleaned, stored, and resold might add value to a scrap engine, provided they are in fine shape.

The third alternative is to use an engine from a rare acquisition, such as a vintage or performance automobile. The initial cost of dismantling, re-boring, or refurbishing is worth the ultimate financial return.

What Is The Difference Between Scrap And Salvage Value?

The Scrap Value

Scrap value is related to the depreciation of commercial assets. In this case, scrap value is described as the asset’s expected or estimated worth at the expiration of its useful life. Scrap value is also known as the residual value of an asset.

The Salvage Value

The salvage worth of an item is its anticipated resale value at the end of its service life. The salvage value of a fixed asset is reduced from its cost to figure out the portion of the asset’s cost which will be depreciated. As a result, salvage value is included in the depreciation computation.

Does A Car Need Insurance To Be Scrapped?

car insurance

Yes, you may scrap your vehicle even if you don’t have insurance. Most scrap vendors will tow or transport your car to the scrap yard using professional recovery vehicles. When the car is picked up, these junk car buyers will possess their own insurance coverage.

Scrapping your junk car is the best thing you can do for your motionless and lifeless vehicle and receive instant cash. But it is crucial that you reach out to a junk car buyer that offers the best price for scrap cars.

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