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    About Cash 4 Junk Cars

    Get Cash 4 Junk Cars Instantly

    With decades of experience buying junk cars, Cash 4 Junk Cars is a reliable place to get rid of your junk cars for instant cash today. You may come across many different junk car businesses willing to buy your vehicle, but very few work with complete honesty, provide reliable services and offer competitive prices. Our professionals have experience assessing the true value of junk cars and will provide you with the best possible price.

    Junk cars take up considerable space in your home or backyard, but we’ll tow the vehicle for free and give you instant cash on the spot. Get rid of your old beater car at unbelievable prices. With quick service, a price match guarantee, and fantastic customer service, Cash 4 Junk Cars is the #1 choice to sell your junk cars!


    Price Match Guarantee


    Customer Satisfaction


    Junk Cars Purchased

    Why Choose Cash 4 Junk Cars?

    Our Stats Speaks for Themselves

    With so many junk car businesses in the region, you may be inclined to believe that selling a junk car is easy. That’s not exactly true.

    There are many aspects one should consider when selling their junk cars. A simple cost-benefit analysis could give you an idea of whether or not it’s worth selling your old car. Some businesses charge towing costs, which can eat away at the money you get for your junk car, while others may offer lowball rates. 

    Working with Cash 4 Junk Cars removes the stress of finding the right junk car buyer for you. We buy junk cars and offer a price match guarantee with a free car tow, all in all, providing great customer support to ensure a hassle-free process.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Free Car Towing

    Why lose your cash to towing fees? With years in the industry, our business model allows us to offer free car towing to all nearby junk car sellers.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    We buy Junk Cars

    We recycle junk cars in large volumes. Whatever condition your junk car is in, Cash 4 Junk Cars will take it off your hands for cold, hard cash.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Price Match Guarantee

    Working with huge volumes of junk cars annually, Cash 4 Junk Cars offers a price match guarantee. If you’re getting a better price elsewhere, we guarantee to match it.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Best Customer Support

    Reliable services and trustworthy professionals go a long way in the junk car industry. We understand getting rid of your junk car can be difficult and are here to provide you with the best customer support for a smoother transaction.

    Reasons to Sell Your Junk Car

    Whether it is the vivid memories that are stopping you from selling your junk car or the thought of selling has never occurred to you, here are a few reasons why you should sell your junk car.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Get Cash

    Sometimes it is best to put your old rusty vehicle to good use by selling it and getting instant cash. Whether you’re looking to pay bills or buy something for the house, your old car can get you some cash.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Expensive Repairs

    As the vehicle gets older and racks up the miles, wear and tear can affect some components, requiring replacement or repair. Repairs can be expensive. A transmission change can set you back thousands of dollars. Your best option would be to sell your junk car and buy a new or used vehicle.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Save Time

    Posting an advert to sell your junk car on Craigslist is a time-consuming process. To entice buyers into purchasing your car, you need to put in the effort by washing your car, scrubbing the tires, and so on. Cash 4 Junk Cars buys old vehicles in any condition, no matter the wear and tear.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Make Space

    Declutter your home today. A junk car lying in the backyard or your garage can take up precious real estate that you can use towards something better. A rusty junk car is also a health hazard as it releases harmful substances. Make some space and also some cash by removing the old beater car today.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Avoid Fines

    Depending on where you parked your junk car, you may be in serious violation of city laws, resulting in heavy fines. With a free tow, you can avoid getting fined and get some extra cash.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Priority Changes

    Perhaps your needs have changed over the years and you’re thinking of parting ways by getting something that caters to your needs. Let us take care of that by ensuring quick service.


    Working with Cash 4 Junk Cars removes the stress of finding the right junk car buyer for you.

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    Best Junk Car Removal Service

    Get the best price for your junk car and save money with a free tow!

    Reliable, Trustworthy, and Fair Junk Car Buyers

    About us

    When selling an old vehicle, you expect to make as much money as possible to pay for a new car. We have been in the business of buying and recycling junk cars for decades. Our professionals are skilled and have the experience to properly assess your car and give you the best price. 

    Avoid getting ripped off by dealing directly with a business that has a strong local presence. We are honest in our dealings and have purchased thousands of cars. 

    Schedule an appointment now to get hassle-free, quick service, and instant cash!

    Cash 4 junk cars

    Already know you want to sell your junk car?

    Come to us for competitive prices, stellar customer service, and on-the-spot instant cash today!

    How to sell your junk car

    Sell Your Junk Car Within Minutes!

    Cash 4 Junk Cars make selling junk cars very simple. In 3 simple steps, you can have instant cash today.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Get a Quote

    Call us now and let our professionals give you a competitive price for your junk car. Whether there is minor wear and tear or major problems, we’ll give you the best price.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Schedule a free tow

    We understand how expensive towing can be. So let us know where your car is located and we’ll send a tow truck your way, free of charge.

    Cash for Junk Cars St Paul

    Instant cash on the spot

    Don’t worry about how or when you’ll get paid. Our professionals will pay you on the spot with instant cash when picking up your car.


    In the junk car business, providing the best customer service goes a long way toward establishing a strong relationship based on trust and integrity with the local community. We take pride in accommodating our clients' needs and giving them a quick and fantastic experience.

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